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Rapid prototyping | Coating of electrical or electronic components
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Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping makes it possible to produce small functional runs (1 to 20 pieces, or more if necessary) in a material that is comparable to the final material.
For a limited cost and within very short lead times, RESITEC PRODUCTION will handle the whole production process. This technology meets the current requirements of a large part of the industry (see boxed item on FIELDS OF APPLICATION).

1. Model

Manufacturing a tools made from silicon (or rigid resin) calls for the creation of a model that can be produced using state-of-the-art technology, for example stereolithography or powder sintering (see boxed items on STEREOLITHOGRAPHY and POWDER SINTERING), modelling or traditional machining. The model is prepared so that it corresponds in every way to the drawings, including the surface appearance (special grains, gloss for transparent items, etc.). This latter stage is essential because it gives the finishing touch to the item, which will then be comparable to an injected piece of higher quality.

2. Tools

The silicone (or rigid resin) is poured around the model to create the mould.
The specific features of the mould ensure the model is reproduced very accurately and enable complex pieces to be produced, even with slight undercuts.

3. Vacuum-casting or lower-pressure injection (RIM)

Casting or injection resins are polyurethanes used in a vacuum or under pressure to prevent air bubbles becoming trapped in the tools.
This technology also makes it possible to use materials that meet a variety of constraints: temperature resistance, self-extinguishability, etc. (see boxed item on POLYURETHANE RESIN), as well as dual-material moulding (flexible resin on rigid resin) or two-colour transparent items, for example.
Metal inserts can also be coated in the resin.


Ability to test prototypes and, where required, to make modifications before committing to the cost of producing a final injection mould.
Presentation of the product to sales departments, or at trade fairs or exhibitions several months before being marketed.
Production of operating pre-production runs or final small production runs in injected plastic.

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