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Send us your 3D computer files, 2D drawings, sketches or photographs of your items and we will send you a cost estimate as soon as we can.
Fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed.
* Project name :
* Dimensions : x x mm
* Models are : to be supplied
to be supplied by RESITEC
* If the models are supplied by RESITEC, the finish should be : No finish (unfinished stereolithography or sintered P.A.)
Frosted on the visible faces
Shiny on the visible faces
Mirror polish on both faces (to ensure transparency)
* Production runs :
  • Number of copies : per piece
  • Number of sets :
    Number of different pieces making up a set :
* Type of material to be simulated (ABS, PP, flexible, etc.) :
* Colour required :
Other comments :
* E-mail of client :
Number of computer files to be attached :

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