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Decorative objects occupy an important place in our daily lives and are increasingly made from resin.
1) Marketing and advertising programmes regularly call on three-dimensional objects to support their campaigns. In cases where plastic injection falls short on account of the low numbers involved (perhaps just a few hundred), resin moulding delivers tailor-made solutions.

2) Trophies can be designed in many other shapes apart from cups. A logo that becomes a bas-relief or an original sculpture can add a great personalised element to brand image.

3) A business or special prestige gift becomes a decorative object that can even be useful if it is of sufficiently high quality. The possibilities opened up by resin are often very surprising: manufactured items can be compared easily with the quality of other materials, including the most noble.

4) Advertising photography sometimes required moulded objects for taking shots: chocolate bars or oversized bottles, for example.

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