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Reproduction of works of art

RESITEC PRODUCTION has for a long time mastered the techniques for reproducing works of art.

The process used is an unusual combination of advanced technologies and the skill of craftsmen. This is a step-by-step description of how it is done:

1.Taking an impression of the original
• either "in situ"
• or at our workshops
• or using a modern technique involving no direct contact with the original which might damage its fragile surface.

2. Design and manufacture of the mould
the design depends directly on the shape of the item to be reproduced and the final material to be cast - resin (filled to a varying degree) or paster.

3. Production of pieces in polyester resin
Preparation of the mixture, depending on the required final appearance and weight
Manual casting of the mixture in the mould, followed by polymerisation.

4. Manual trimming
Eliminates joints and minor imperfections in the item when it is removed from the mould.

5. Manual finishing (patina)
Every type of appearance imaginable: stone, metal, wood, transparent, using selected resins, powders, pigments and waxes..
This final operation gives the finishing touch to a very faithful rendering of the appearance of the original: wood, plaster, ivory, terracotta, bronze, stone, marble, alabaster.

The reproduction of works of art is of primary interest to museums wishing to sell reproductions of their collections to the public for cultural and commercial purposes: for example, the Louvre (La Réunion des Musées Nationaux) (Association of National Museums) and the Rodin Museum in Paris, the British Museum in London, The Mariemont Royal Museum in Hainaut, Belgium, and many others.

In more limited production runs, reproduction is of interest to:
• Private individuals wishing to acquire a copy of their works in order to protect them from the risk of damage or to enable their friends to enjoy them as well.
• Artists wishing to display and disseminate their creations in 3D.

N.B. Reproductions are made in accordance with the laws governing the reproduction of works of art.

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